Monday, October 7, 2013

Leather phone pouch

Here i created a leather phone pouch for a colleague and sewed his name on with the help of my Bernina! 

2x Little boys quilts: 

2 Baby Girl Quilts i made with their names on...

Teddies were hand-quilted

Crochet nappies

What i've been up to: 
These are fabric nappies/or towelling that i crochet around to use as burp cloths for babies. These i call 'designer' ones hehe.  What i did here was to crochet the edging seperately and then sew on by machine, it looks so much neater. Then with the left-over ending i folded it into a rose/flower and just sewed a few pearls inside! :-) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Father's day

For Father's day, i'm making small simple hankies, with the word "daddy" embroidered on: again 200x for a crèche :-) :


Made this quilt for my mom for a belated Mom's day: (love this fabric)
And of course Kitsy does approve!


I have been busy - and quickly need to post these, before the next 'busy' grabs me.

For Mother's day I made 200x lavender-filled hearts for a crèche. The kiddies put their handprints on the hearts too:

Then for the restaurant, I made 70x smaller hearts for give-away on Mother's day:



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Knee-size quilt

I'm very excited, I spotted this fabric over the weekend and have decided to quilt it for a really special someone's bday coming up.  I'll publish the finished product once I've completed it. I'm about 1/4 of the way - I'm topstitching every block, but with the quilt-stitch on the machine.  it does go much quicker than hand topstitching, however it's still a back-breaker :-). Loving every minute!!

Finished quilt


I received this orchid from Ken, about a month ago. I'm very chuffed with myself I haven't managed to kill it off yet :-)

Whilst sewing my daughter Calin, found my fabric pen and decided to leave a message on my t-shirt: :-)

Car Tidy

I've been wanting to make this for a long time and finally got to it.  I think it is such a cool idea to tie onto the back of one of the front seats for baby/toddlers toys; bottles; sippy cups; etc etc.  The only thing missing here is i'd like to add embellishments - however, I don't want them too finicky, because I want to be able to just throw this in the washing machine, when it needs a wash and not worry too much about finicky embellishments. 
Now my daughters have cottoned onto the idea and they'd like tidies for inside their cupboards for underwear or socks..... so that is the next step......

Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Weekend Sewing

I've been dying to make the shaggy quilt - but because I didn't have a lot of time, I only cut 4 blocks to sew together and see how it would come out.... i'm very pleased with the results:

Roxy has to try out her new quilt too :-)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Aprons

I made 5 of these little aprons for my daughter Calin. She's started a little business where she baby-sits children.  Their parents go to Al Fiume restaurant for lunch and Calin is baby sitter to all the littlies while mom and dad have a lovely lunch alongside the Hennopsriver.  I made the aprons so their clothes are protected whilst they are finger painting or whatever else messy they may get up to:

I added a little pocket to each little apron.

Baby Teddy Quilt

This quilt I made for a friend of mine, Mandy, having her 1st little boy Cayden. I finished it in Feb, just in time for Mandy's baby shower.  I top stitched all the teddies by hand, and added a blue ribbon for effect also.  Kept the little pillow case as plain as possible:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lavendar sachets

This is happening on my kitchen windowsill: I don't know what this little plant is, but it's little white flowers I just love :-)
I want to try and make little lavender sachets, so I've picked the flowers from my Spanish lavender bush and leave them to dry out for a couple of days:

 This is how much of the dried lavender flowers I got - awesome, i'll be able to make a few small sachets.  Will post as soon as I've made those.  I'm hoping to tackle these, this weekend:
The smell in my kitchen is just amazing - and this is soo simple to do - love it!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

These were the burp cloths I made - the blue and pink ribbon too lovely.

Quilts for twin girls

My friend Amor is having twin girls around end April 2013.  At her baby shower on Saturday 2.02.2013, I was proud to present her with the following gifts I made:

the Theme was pink and green

these are the 2x pillow cases

Luckily I found lovely fabric that reads "Princess" in pink and green which went beautifully
Baby Shower day: