Friday, September 25, 2009

New project.... work in progress....

Yesterday was SA's Heritage day - We went to watch the ICC Champions Trophy, which is a cricket competition of 50 overs per side, between several country's, and yesterday SA played NZ, and SA WON - YEAH!!!! It was a lovely hot day - pity i didn't take some pics - i'll do so next time - i got a bright pink chest, not enough sunscreen on that spot!!! Anyway, it was a lovely relaxing day, and i did absolutely no housework or ironing or washing of any sort - Will have to catch up on the weekend. But i did do a quick bit of embroidery last night. These are supposed to be wheat sheaf's and so easy, i used lazy daisy stitch and stem stitch for the stems, but you will have to wait and see what the end product is!! which i doooo hope to finish this weekend. The Moda quilt is on the back burner again, because this idea struck me, and may make a nice Xmas presie. Have a fabulous weekend, and take care.

Bolster cushion

hi all, we received 2x of these LARGE bolster cushions from my mom. Ken loves them, because he enjoys lying on the couch or bed and reading with the help of such a big cushion. I don't know what they are stuffed with, but it's very comfortable. These were covered with a crocheted cover, but very old, so i took it off, and made a cream linen cover with an extra cover around the middle, so i don't have to wash it weekly. i got the idea of this cover from All people quilt, they have lots of nice ideas, go and have a look..... Wrap Pillows in Colorful Fabric

Friday, September 18, 2009

a close up of the crayon roll


Hi all, just incase you were wondering what's happened to me, i have been doing a little sewing.... i made a set of a book cover (with cute ballerina); a crayon roll; and tissue pouch for a little girls gift. Hope she likes it, i'm quite happy with how it came out. I'm hoping to get down to some serious quilting this weekend.... but who knows what the girls and family have in mind! :-) Hopefully whatever it is, will be fun!!!! i hope to bring you some more pics next week - in the meantime, happy sewing!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Moda Legacy Jelly Roll

hi all.... i treated, myself, on my birthday to a Moda Legacy Jelly Roll. i am SOO excited to start quilting with this. I must warn you the progress will be oh-so-slow.... as there are so many other in-between-projects - you all know how it goes. But i'll try remember to keep you up-dated as we go. The nice part of blogging, i enjoy, is it motivates you to finish a project, i really don't like unfinished projects, or going from one to another, but sometimes it can't be helped. If there is anyone out there who's done anything with this Legacy, please feel free to comment. I LUV MODA!!!!

Wedding Invite

Hi ALL, Friday today, my best day of the week, because i've got the whole weekend ahead - trying to weasel in some precious sewing-time, somewhere, anywhere, between the cooking and cleaning and dreaded ironing, oh yes and the taxiing my daughters around!! lol.
I really wanted to share this wedding invite my husband and I received! It's crafty and oh so pretty. It consists of a plastic pyramid, and on the base they've put the actual invite with all the details, and some pretty pot-pouri, eventhough these look like rose petals, they are actually from a tree, and have been coloured. Then there is a beaded hanging ornament on the inside, fastened to the top, and of course the lovely organza ribbon. I thought it was absolutely lovely and different. You must manoeuvre the pot-pouri a bit to read the whole invite. Let me know what you think???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

spring time in SA

hi all, this is the Hibiscus at the front door of my house!! What a pretty show it makes!! Spring time in SA is celebrated 1st September. It's my favourite season, with the new buds and leaves starting. If any one has any queries or questions about SA, i'll try answer to the best of my ability. Have a fabulous week. luv LED.