Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time flies...

HI all, time flies!! I've been down and out a bit, my right heel diagnosed with a boney spur, which has been quite painful, especially first thing in the mornings, when you get up and try to walk. No op's luckily though, i've got in-soles in my new Green-cross shoes, and i must admit, pain is so much better, except when i don't wear them!! i'm very grateful though, because the sewing part of the foot is not affected - yipeee, can you imagine!! Then i've been down and out with a terrible bout of sinusitis, but i'm back on track again. The good news is i did get a bit of sewing done inbetween.... below a tissue box cover (the smaller square version), and the fabric i used is from my favourite Moda, fig-collection. i only discovered that when i opened up a stash i'd been keeping for a while. This was a birthday presi for my lovely sister in law! My pic isn't so great, but i put a frill around the bottom, and top where the tissues come out, and then beaded around, with cream; orange; brown and green beads, like the colours of the fabric. Looked fairly pretty!!

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  1. That is so pretty! Good job! I'm sorry about your heel - those are NO FUN - but at least you don't need surgery.