Friday, September 25, 2009

New project.... work in progress....

Yesterday was SA's Heritage day - We went to watch the ICC Champions Trophy, which is a cricket competition of 50 overs per side, between several country's, and yesterday SA played NZ, and SA WON - YEAH!!!! It was a lovely hot day - pity i didn't take some pics - i'll do so next time - i got a bright pink chest, not enough sunscreen on that spot!!! Anyway, it was a lovely relaxing day, and i did absolutely no housework or ironing or washing of any sort - Will have to catch up on the weekend. But i did do a quick bit of embroidery last night. These are supposed to be wheat sheaf's and so easy, i used lazy daisy stitch and stem stitch for the stems, but you will have to wait and see what the end product is!! which i doooo hope to finish this weekend. The Moda quilt is on the back burner again, because this idea struck me, and may make a nice Xmas presie. Have a fabulous weekend, and take care.


  1. Linda, Welcome to the world of blogging. I read your post on SeasonsBOM and decided to visit your blog. These blogs do become addictive after awhile. I'll check back later to see what you are doing. Shirley in Oregon, USA!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I have had my blog since October, almost 1 year, and have loved doing it. Looking forward to seeing what you make, learning more about you and about SA. Part of the fun of blogging is getting to know more about other parts of the world. GARI in Alabama, USA.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. I do love your blog. Please visit mine also. I am into quilting, machine embroidery, felting and knitting. I live in Ireland, and I have really enjoyed meeting people through my blog.
    Good luck to you!