Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding Invite

Hi ALL, Friday today, my best day of the week, because i've got the whole weekend ahead - trying to weasel in some precious sewing-time, somewhere, anywhere, between the cooking and cleaning and dreaded ironing, oh yes and the taxiing my daughters around!! lol.
I really wanted to share this wedding invite my husband and I received! It's crafty and oh so pretty. It consists of a plastic pyramid, and on the base they've put the actual invite with all the details, and some pretty pot-pouri, eventhough these look like rose petals, they are actually from a tree, and have been coloured. Then there is a beaded hanging ornament on the inside, fastened to the top, and of course the lovely organza ribbon. I thought it was absolutely lovely and different. You must manoeuvre the pot-pouri a bit to read the whole invite. Let me know what you think???


  1. I love unique and creative invitations...very nice

  2. ooo that's lovely!! Just wondering how it was delivered? Was there some way to mail this?